Digital Ally Inc.

KS: Digital Ally Launches FleetVu Manager, a Cloud-Based Fleet Video Storage and Driver Management Solution

Starting July of 2014, Digital Ally is offering a cost effective cloud telematics and video storage system in addition to the company’s current on-site server storage options for your fleet management needs.

The cloud solution, called FleetVu Manager, offers the same incident video management and fleet reporting capabilities as Digital Ally’s on-site solution, with a new and improved user interface and reporting that can be enhanced with future, customizable live asset tracking modules.

Over the past few years, cloud applications and storage have become popular among businesses for a number of reasons. The cloud is a simple storage option with low maintenance requirements and upfront cost. Additionally, cloud storage uses multiple off-site servers to back up and secure data against hardware failures, intrusions or disasters.

The flexibility of Digital Ally’s cloud solution gives users the ability to securely access data from anywhere with an internet connection on a variety of devices, whether desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet. This lets you and your team operate in real time regardless of location, increasing the overall efficiency of your business. It also upgrades automatically, allowing users to always utilize all the newest capabilities on the most current operating systems.