FL: Wondersign Donates Equipment to Tampa Ministries

Wondersign recently donated digital media software services, Android-based media players and network installation to Metropolitan Ministries, Tampa’s landmark community outreach facility. 

“Metropolitan Ministries is in the business of saving lives and helping families rebuild,” says Andy Reinhard, CEO at Wondersign. “The last thing they need to spend time on is updating all of their digital messaging. We wanted their staff to have the best tools available so they can focus on what they do best.”  Now anyone in Metropolitan Ministries’ marketing team can manage the digital content with a few simple clicks from their PC and instantly make changes to every screen on campus.

“Instead of having to manually update each display screen by walking from building to building and inserting a USB flash drive, now I can just point, click and go,” explains Nancy Olds, Associate Director of Marketing for Metropolitan Ministries. That’s particularly important for the Ministries because they often have personalized content running on multiple displays.

“We need to be able to communicate with several different groups of people at once,” Olds explains. “Whether it’s a new group of volunteers, families needing housing, adults using our employment center or our own internal team, displaying the right information to each group saves us an enormous amount of time not to mention paper.

With an impressive expansion planned for this fall that will include a youth enrichment center, gymnasium and chapel, the Ministries’ digital network will be able to grow seamlessly and cost-effectively.