AZ: Transportation Committee Tasked with Planning for the Future

The Phoenix City Council has appointed a new committee to provide recommendations on the city’s transportation infrastructure and services. 

The newly formed Citizens Committee on Transportation Needs will work with community members to create a citywide transportation plan that addresses future transit service routes for bus and light rail; identifies capital improvement and maintenance needs for roads and streets; and proposes a funding mechanism for ongoing improvements.  The committee was appointed at the July 2 Formal meeting and is expected to present recommendations by the end of the year. 

“To continue as a vibrant, successful city, Phoenix needs a transportation system that is designed for the future. It will account for our continued growth, will provide for complete streets and alternative modes of transportation, and will strengthen our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Greg Stanton.  “The committee members who are volunteering their time and energy will truly pave the way for Phoenix’s future.”

The group consists of transportation experts and community leaders who will meet regularly through late December.  Appointees include:

  • Tony Astorga
  • Kerwin Brown
  • Michael Cornelius
  • Mike Hoover
  • Leonardo Loo
  • Mary Peters
  • Gary Trujillo
  • Feliciano Vera
  • Ed Bunch
  • Richard Hubbard
  • Claude Mattox
  • Diane Brossar
  • Marty Shultz
  • Catherine Scrivano
  • Roger Baele
  • Andy Federhar
  • Diane Scherer
  • Shannon Scutari
  • Tom Simplot
  • Maria Baier
  • Yvonne Hunter
  • Don Keuth
  • Len Gilroy
  • David Martin
  • Roy Miller
  • Ian Danley
  • Eva Olivas
  • Craig Tribken
  • Sandra Ferniza
  • Phil Pangrazio
  • Sonya Pastor

“I am a longtime advocate of improved transportation options for all Phoenix residents, whether they drive, ride transit, bike or walk,” said Councilwoman Thelda Williams, chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee.  “The work of this committee will help to move us forward, ensuring Phoenix stays a great place to live, work and play in years to come.”