Via Metropolitan Transit

TX: Via Releases Statement in Response to Streetcar Petition Drive

Via Metropolitan Transit respects all levels of civic engagement and public participation. That’s why, when developing the SmartMove plan, we conducted over two years of public planning meetings, community presentations, and briefings with elected officials, and we received public comment. We worked together as a community to develop a plan to enhance mobility and provide more travel options throughout the region.

Over the two-year planning process, we had a total of 141 engagements with the public as SmartMove developed. A total of 888 people attended the VIA public planning meetings alone.

We have our concerns, though, that some of the backers of the petition drive to alter the San Antonio City charter are misrepresenting the purpose and effect of the petition. We think they are misinforming the public regarding the modern streetcar project, but we will continue to share the facts and provide accurate information on the streetcar project, and we will stay focused on making sure the transportation needs of this great city are met.

The streetcar project is just one component of a larger transportation system being realized through the SmartMove plan, but it is certainly an essential part of that plan. We look forward to its completion and to providing more transportation choices for the community.