Apollo Video Technology

WA: Apollo Video Technology Receives New Flyer Top Honors for Third Consecutive Year

Apollo Video Technology has been recognized with the Gold award from New Flyer Industries Canada ULC for delivery performance in the 2013 calendar year.

The award marks the fourth performance award Apollo Video has received from New Flyer and the third consecutive “gold” rating.

The Supplier Delivery Performance Award honors suppliers that have provided New Flyer with more than 50 deliveries over a 12-month period with an on-time performance at the New Flyer established standard of three days early and one day late to dock date. Apollo Video achieved 99 percent on-time delivery.

Apollo Video provides New Flyer with the mobile video surveillance systems for its buses built for their mutual transit customers. Through partnerships with suppliers such as Apollo Video, New Flyer has eliminated its warehouses in recent years and now delivers incoming parts direct to the point-of-use on the production line. Apollo Video’s performance has helped New Flyer maintain its in-station parts availability of greater than 99 percent for all three production locations.

“Apollo Video continues to take great pride in its delivery performance and is honored by this fourth recognition from New Flyer,” said Rodell Notbohm, CEO of Apollo Video Technology. “We deeply value our production partners and revel in supporting their success. We recognize that such an accomplishment requires a team effort and would not be possible without the extraordinary dedication and service of Apollo Video’s staff and partners.”