San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA)

CA: New Passenger Messaging System Open for Enrollment July 2

San Francisco Bay Ferry’s new passenger messaging system opens for enrollment July 2.

BayAlerts will enable SF Bay Ferry passengers to receive the service alerts and news they want in the manner they choose.

 BayAlerts replaces the current phone and email systems and will provide time sensitive information that affects ferry travel. The BayAlerts system is scheduled to go live on July 21.

Through BayAlerts, passengers can opt-in to receive one or both of two categories of information:

            o Service alerts: Time sensitive information that could affect travel within a 24-hour period.
            o News updates: Non-time sensitive information that could affect the passenger experience within a period of five months.

Service and news updates can be received via SMS text, email, voicemail and/or TTY/TDD. Passengers can choose one or all of these options. The existing phone and email systems will be discontinued on July 21 and passengers are encouraged to sign up for the new system as soon as possible.

“Quickly communicating changes that may affect a rider’s trip is of the utmost importance to San Francisco Bay Ferry management,” said Ernest Sanchez, SF Bay Ferry head of marketing. “We encourage all riders to join this new program to ensure they receive information in a timely manner, in the communication format of their choice.”