Capital Area Transit (The CAT)

ND: CAT Ridership Records Broken for Two Consecutive Months

For two consecutive months the Capital Area Transit (CAT) bus broke ridership records. 

Ridership in April of 2014 was higher than any other month in the CAT’s 10 year history.  That is until May of 2014 – another record-breaking month, with June trailing not too far behind.

Ridership Numbers:

  • Previous Record was May of 2013:  12,743 CAT Bus Rides
  • April of 2014:  13,030 CAT Bus Rides
  • May of 2014:  14,087 CAT Bus Rides

Jen Raab, CAT marketing director and mobility manager, attributes the ridership boost to increased population in the area and an increase in CAT advertising and promotion in the months of April and May. “We really wanted to make sure we celebrated our 10th anniversary with our communities this year.” Raab stated.  “Ten years old is young for a transit system, but it is also a huge milestone.” 

Although June didn’t break any ridership records, it has shown an increase over last year.  The number of rides in June of 2014 was 11,641. This is a 537 ride increase over June of 2013.

Transit Director Robin Werre adds, “We’d like to thank the communities of Bismarck and Mandan for their continued support of our public transportation system.  It is the people who continue to keep us going and providing rides to Bismarck and Mandan.”