CA: Directors Ewing and Williams Expand Roles at Omnitrans

To help reduce administrative expenses, Omnitrans is consolidating some departments effective July 1.

Director Marjorie Ewing will lead the combined Human Resources and Safety and Regulatory Compliance Department. Marketing and Planning functions will merge under the leadership of Director Wendy Williams.

Ewing joined Omnitrans in 1999 as director of human resources. She was instrumental in creating a wellness culture at the agency by adding an on-premises gym, offering employees free health screenings and health education classes. Prior to joining Omnitrans, Ewing held a similar HR and safety management position at Alumax, an aluminum manufacturing company. Ewing holds an M.B.A in Human Resources and Safety and Regulatory Compliance from Chapman University.

“It’s a natural marriage of functions,” Ewing explains. “HR works closely with safety because of workman’s comp claims and OSHA regulations. All injuries, both non-industrial and workman’s comp, have safety implications. Most security issues involve some form of employee relations, requiring investigation, discipline and prevention.”

Williams joined Omnitrans Marketing in 1991 and was promoted to Director in 1995. She recently oversaw the agency’s rebranding effort and developed the “GoSmart” discount fare program for local college students. Williams is a graduate of the University of Iowa with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

“Our marketing and planning functions have worked closely together through the years, so combining the departments is a good fit. We are focused on moving the agency forward with the ultimate goal of increasing ridership by providing transit options that meet the mobility needs of the San Bernardino Valley.”