Cleveland Area Rapid Transit (CART)

OK: CART Asks You to Dump the Pump and Ride the Bus June 19

Cleveland Area Rapid Transit (CART) will join other public transportation systems nationwide in celebrating the ninth annual Dump the Pump Day on June 19.

The local bus system will offer free fare on all Norman routes and will hand out free Dump the Pump T-shirts to the first 1,000 bus riders at Brooks Street Transfer Station. The transfer station is located near the Duck Pond parking lot on the OU campus. Free fare will not be available on the Sooner Express, a route shared with Oklahoma City’s Embark system.

Dump the Pump is a day that encourages people to ride public transportation and save money, instead of driving a car. Started in June 2006 when gas prices were $3 per gallon, this national day emphasizes that public transportation is a great travel option that also helps people save money. According to the April American Public Transportation Association Transit Savings Report, individuals in a two-person household can save more than $10,174 annually by downsizing to one car.  

Chris Bushee , a frequent passenger of the Alameda/East Norman bus route, sums up CART as a great way to get around town.

“I’ve been riding for three years, mostly to get home from work. I like that it’s cool during the summer. It keeps me out of the heat. It’s easy to use. I have no complaints,” Bushee said.

Public transportation is a cornerstone of local economies in urban, suburban, and rural communities. In fact, public transportation helps to make a community economically prosperous and competitive. Every $1 invested in public transportation generates approximately $4 in economic returns, powering community growth and revitalization.