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PA: CHK America to Develop a Signage and Wayfinding Program for Port Authority of Allegheny County

CHK America President and CEO, Rick Wood announced June 10 that the company has been hired by the Port Authority of Allegheny County to complete Phase One of a signage and wayfinding program for six of the agency’s high-volume, downtown light rail stations – and associated bus stop connection points.

CHK will begin with a site survey of the six stations and nine bus stops, analyzing and making recommendations for developing a comprehensive and fully integrated customer information wayfinding and signage system. Based on those recommendations, test signs will be fabricated and installed in order to gain valuable rider and stakeholder feedback. Ultimately, the lessons learned from this pilot program may result in a system wide implementation for Port Authority’s over 7,200 bus stops.

During the analysis, CHK will apply their well-researched, “Psychology of Wayfinding” philosophy and proprietary “8 Second Rule.” The analysis will take into account the importance of providing diagrammatic maps complete with color-coded routes and frequencies, “you are here” markers, contextual key landmark symbols, and standardized wayfinding icons. 

“CHK America is proud to have been chosen by Port Authority to assist in this significant customer service effort,” stated CHK America CEO, Rick Wood. “The results of the Phase One program will be integral in determining how the agency proceeds with a complete system wide customer information solution.”