Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART)

IA: Operators Place at DART Bus Roadeo, Advance to State Competition

Four operators took top honors in the June 7 DART Bus Roadeo at Southridge Mall, advancing to state finals on June 21, in Davenport, Iowa.

DART operators competed in a timed driving contest called a roadeo, in which they navigate the large buses through a tightly configured obstacle course of road cones. Those who hit the fewest cones, while finishing on time, score the most points. The top two finishers from each class advance to state finals. Winners include:

Fixed route

  • 1st Place: Cesar Chavez
  • 2nd Place: Abay Mengistu
  • 3rd Place: Bill Smith


  • 1st Place:  Ivan Thompson
  • 2nd Place: Kurt Mackel-Wiederanders
  • 3rd Place: Cherie Shippy