Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (Lynx)

FL: Real-Time Bus Tracker Now Available for LYMMO Lines

The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (Lynx) has partnered with Clever Devices to pilot and develop the agency's first real-time bus arrival information at select bus stops and on a dedicated website. The technology is presently available only for the two LYMMO lines Orange (Link 31) and Grapefruit (Link 62).

On 22 message boards throughout the two routes passengers will now see estimated bus arrival times. For example three LYMMO 31 lines may be on the screen showing a 3, 8 and 13. This means the next bus arrival will be in three minutes, the following bus will arrive in eight minutes and so forth.

The latest customer amenity also is accessible on desktop computers and mobile devices. Here passengers select their route, direction and stop. This too will show customers the estimated arrival time of the next bus.  Passengers likewise have an option to view specific bus locations on a map.

If a bus is delayed due to an unusual event (such as a reroute, incident or equipment problem) the arrival predictions may remain the same or may even increase for that bus. In the event that a bus stops transmitting data to Lynx servers, it will not appear on the web site, even though it is in service.

Ultimately Lynx would like to push real-time arrival information at stops throughout its entire system.