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Brazil: 4,000 Voith DIWA Automatic Transmissions in the Main Host Cities of the FIFA World Cup 2014

In preparation of the Soccer World Cup 2014, Brazil has substantially expanded its public transport systems.

With over 4,000 DIWA automatic transmissions in the main host cities, Voith was able to establish itself as a reliable partner of the different operators.

When the Soccer World Cup 2014 kicks off on 12 June, thousands of visitors from home and abroad will flock into the stadiums. With its DIWA.5 automatic transmission in citybuses and in the BRT systems, Voith is making a contribution to getting all spectators reliably and safely to the games.

"The quality of public transport services in Brazil has clearly improved, and we are proud to contribute to this development with our high-performance automatic transmissions," explains Rogério Pires, director business development, commercial vehicles Voith Americas.

Voith will be equipping the majority of the vehicles for the new BRT systems in Brasilia and Belo Horizonte with automatic transmissions.