Specialty Vehicles

SC: University Rolls Out Six New Trolleys

Specialty Vehicles announced the recent delivery of six Supreme Classic American Trolleys to Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina.

Coastal Carolina University had a formal roll out of their transportation system late last year and has since added routes both on and off campus to prioritize their students safety and access to affordable transportation. Two additional trolleys will be added to their fleet later this year.

“Traveling around campus as safe as possible is a priority for us so whether they’re going to east campus, university place, main campus, we want to encourage them to use the shuttles so that they don’t walk in the streets and roadways so that they’ll be safe,” said Greg Weisner, CCU director of safety and transportation.

The six trolleys are replacing buses that were previously leased and officials are seeing more ridership on the trolley system than ever before.

Students are also saving on fuel costs, driving their own cars less and riding the trolleys.

“Working with Coastal Carolina University has been a delight, this vehicle is a great fit for their new campus wide transportation system. It exceeds the safety requirements and meets the goal of transporting students safely around campus,” said Nancy Munoz, Specialty Vehicle’s CEO.