Radio Engineering Industries (REI)

NE: REI Leads in Passenger Theater Experience with New HDMI System

Radio Engineering Industries (REI) continues its 75 year legacy by adding another premier product to their portfolio.

REI’s new HDMI audio/video system provides a theater-like experience for those traveling on a new motorcoach.

Motorcoach passengers are demanding true HD quality audio/video provided by enhanced HDMI entertainment systems over dated standard definition systems that use low resolution VGA converters to connect a laptop or other media devices. To meet our customers’ request, REI developed a full HDMI system providing audio/video from REI’s user-friendly control panel. The HDMI integration allows high definition content to be accessed through a variety of multimedia platforms.

“We are extremely proud to be the first to market with an HDMI system that broadcasts HD content from any HD device with HDMI output,” says Scott Hays, REI president. “We pride ourselves in offering the premium audio/video system to our operators so they can provide the highest quality entertainment and educational content to their passengers.”