CHK America

HI: CHK America to Design and Develop System Map, Individual Timetable Maps and Web Maps for Oahu Transit System’s 'TheBus'

CHK America President and CEO Rick Wood announced May 21 that the company has signed a contract with Oahu Transit System (OTS) to design and develop a system map, timetable maps and web maps for TheBus, the agency’s public transportation system. The system map will include the entire island of Oahu, showing all regular and express services.

CHK America will implement their well-researched, “Psychology of Wayfinding” philosophy to develop clear and concise customer information that reduces a rider’s cognitive load, making it easier to navigate both OTS’s Express (non-stop) service and their local service as well as peak hour and regular service. Specifically, the new designs will utilize diagrammatic maps complete with color-coded routes and frequencies, key landmark symbols, standardized wayfinding icons and the company’s proprietary “8 Second Rule,” which provides easy-to-use decision-making tools that help first time and regular riders navigate the system with minimal confusion and stress.

“Our mandate on this project, as with all of our projects, is to design a system map that is easy to understand so customers, many of whom are tourists, can get around Oahu easily using TheBus,” said CHK America President and CEO, Rick Wood. “By integrating this same map into the website, we will be simplifying the entire process beginning right with the online trip planning stage.”