Ozark Regional Transit (ORT)

AR: ORT Offers Kids Ride Free Program

In keeping with the seven-year-tradition of the “Kids Ride Free” summer program, Ozark Regional Transit (ORT) has committed to providing this service again, in 2014, on all fixed routes.

ORT is hopeful that the community will take advantage of this program again this year.  With new service to the Rogers Aquatic Center, Frisco Station Mall and Rogers Library, as well as sustained services to Springdale’s Aquatic Center, the Jones Center and two other malls, and their respective movie theatres, in the area, it is believed that ridership will increase over last year’s numbers.

The free fare service dates are from May 27, 2014 through August 29, 2014 and is open to anyone born in 1997 or later; essentially, age 17 or younger.   ORT’s bus operators reserve the right to make a boarding determination for each individual desiring to ride, using this program.