Blacksburg Transit (BT)

VA: Blacksburg Transit Launches BT4U Mobile App

Blacksburg Transit recently launched the BT4U mobile app for Android and iPhone users. The app, which is widely expected to revolutionize bus travel in Blacksburg, Va., is the latest in a fleet of customer service tools to help the user navigate the sometimes complicated transit schedules. 

Existing BT4U tools allow users to access upcoming departure information for individual stops. The BT4U Mobile app takes this to the next level, combining departure information with Google maps to make a comprehensive, user-friendly trip planning app, eliminating the need to use a bus schedule. 

Features of the app include real-time bus departure information; the ability to plan your trip now or at a future date/time; save favorite trips; review detailed trip information such as directions from your current location to the closest bus stop; total time for your trip; maps of the trip; an alarm to alert you when you need to begin your trip; and a handy “Go Home” button that automatically plans your trip home from any location in Blacksburg. 

The BT4U app was developed as part of 1.85 million dollar Transit Investment for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction grant BT received to intelligently assign buses to better serve the public while decreasing operating costs and environmental impacts. Ultimately the app will help the customer know when and where to catch the bus while helping BT efficiently assign buses to better meet customer  demand.