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Germany: Alstom Delivers the First Modernized Coradia Lint to LNVG in Germany

Alstom delivered the first modernized regional train to Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen (LNVG) as part of a contract awarded by LNVG in May 2013 to modernize 24 Coradia Lint Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) trains. The contract was worth about 29 million.

The modernization will improve the journey for the 20,000 passengers who travel daily on the Weser-Ems network.

The modernization and certification of the trains will be performed at Alstom’s Braunschweig facility, a site specialized in services for passenger trains. Improvements being carried out include the renewal of the doors, the modernization of the exterior varnishing as well as the integration of monitors for passenger information and the modernization of the interior, including chairs, floor and handrails. A wheelchair spot with intercom will also be added.

"The modernization of 24 Coradia Lint is the most extensive project performed at the Braunschweig site so far. 2,800 man hours have been invested in this first train,” says Achim Alles, managing director services  Germany.

“The modernization of the vehicles will guarantee a lifespan of 15 years for the trains which will be running until 2030. It’s the passengers who will benefit the most,” adds Hans-Joachim Menn, managing director of LNVG.