QC: STM Announces Passport Mobility Gift for New Condo Buyers

Travel-Smart, the Société de transport de Montreal (STM), Communauto Bixi Montreal Villeray area and are pleased to announce the official launch of Passport mobility . A product designed and sold to the attention of developers and subsequently offered to their customers as a welcome gift.

Passport aims to encourage new buyers of the central districts of Montreal, to move into the city soeco logical and eco nomic. This Passport is part of a trend of mobility of new customers seeking proximity, and that is sensitive to issues of sustainable development.

"I am pleased to launch this innovative product that promotes eco-mobility and optimizing the quality of city ," SaysMónica Gandulfo, CEO of Smart Commuting.

Each mobility Passport has a useful life of one year and includes a map of collective transport Opus STM, a Bixi subscription and "The Hare" Communauto package.

"The STM is aware that to encourage people to use alternative transport to the car, every little action counts and pooled, they make a real difference. That is why we are pleased to be partners in this project,"  explained the marketing manager of the STM, Pierre Bourbonnière.

"We are proud of our association with Smart Commuting," said Marco Viviani, director development and public relations Communauto. "This partnership reflects our commitment to diminished self solo offering carsharing. "

"We firmly believe in the benefits of such a product in the community and we are pleased to be the first real estate developers in Montreal to offer our buyers condominium. "said the president-marketing of Villeray area, Michael Owen.

New buyers of condominiums affiliated program get a Passport mobility of their developer. They will subsequently register on the official website before receiving their Opus card, Bixi key and package Communauto.