South Bend Public Transportation Corporation (TRANSPO)

IN: Transpo Presents First General Manager’s Award

The South Bend Public Transportation Corporation (Transpo) presented the newly created General Manager’s Award for the first time on April 23 during the meeting of the Transpo Board of Directors.

The award was presented to Cheryl Moore, a professional operator with Transpo for 20 years. A resolution was also issued by the Transpo Board of Directors to recognize and commend Moore for her actions in response to a lost child on February 18.

Moore was driving the Miami/Scottsdale Route 8 when she noticed a young girl walking in the street. She stopped the bus and saw the girl was cold, wet and crying so she brought her on board and called for assistance.  Moore brought the child to Transpo’s South Street Station, provided her with something to eat and drink while they waited for the police to arrive. The police were able to reunite the child with her mother.

According to police reports, the six-year old girl walked away, undetected from Monroe Primary Center that morning. The police believe the girl wandered around for approximately two hours before Moore found her and picked her up several blocks from school.

“We commend Cheryl for going above and beyond to ensure the safety of a young child”, said David Cangany, Transpo general manager. “Our operator happened to be at the right place at the right time and her quick, caring response reunited the child with her mother, preventing any further harm”, continued Cangany.

Transpo created the General Manager’s Award to recognize outstanding service. The award is presented at the sole discretion of the organization’s general manager.