Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)

CA: L.A. Metro Launches New Bike Ad Campaign in time For Bike Week. L.A.

In anticipation of Bike Week L.A. May 12-18, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has launched a brand new bicycle ad campaign entitled “Every Day is a Bike Day” to encourage more Angelinos to bicycle for every day transportation.  

Running on county billboards, the Internet and Metro buses from May through July 2014, the new ads normalize bicycling as part of everyday life and show that bicycling is for everyone.  The ads also remind drivers about bicyclists’ presence, encouraging safe, shared interactions on L.A. county streets. 

“This campaign empowers everyone who commutes by two wheels every day,” said Lindy Lee, Deputy CEO of Metro.  “It also encourages all Angelinos to replace some car trips with bicycle trips. By making that commitment, we can all do our part to make every day a bike day.”

The new campaign builds off Metro’s 2013 "Every Lane is a Bike Lane" campaign that encouraged motorists and bicyclists to share the road to decrease incidents and increase safety. The popular campaign helped raise awareness that bicyclists can ride in the full traffic lane in certain situations and have equal rights and responsibilities on the road per the California Vehicle Code.

Metro also partnered with the bicycling community on the campaign.  Members of local bicycling groups and non-profit organizations, including Multicultural Communities for Mobility, Bici Libre, Wolfpack Hustle and Eastside Riders Bike Club are featured in the ads.

Each May, Metro hosts Bike Week LA. Bike Week LA is an annual week of community events sponsored by Metro to promote bicycling as a sustainable and legitimate mode of transportation.  Metro has partnered with transit providers, elected officials, hospitals, cities, bicycle organizations, and businesses in a weeklong celebration of bicycle transportation. Planned activities include new local bikeway announcements, Blessings of the Bicycles, Guided Ride Day, Bike to Work Day, and Metro Bike Night at Union Station.   On the official Bike to Work Thursday, May 15, Metro and other municipal transit operators will also offer cyclists free rides on Metro buses and trains when they bring their bikes or bike helmets. Metrolink riders with their bikes can also ride for free. 

Metro has funded close to $200 million in bicycle infrastructure improvements over the last 20 years, facilitating first/last mile connection to transit and supporting bicycle transportation through policies and programs.