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France: ARF, SNCF and Alstom Introduce Régiolis, the New Generation TER Regional Train

The ARF, SNCF and Alstom introduced the new-generation Régiolis train April 29 at the Vaugirard station in Paris.

This presentation was of a symbolic nature, since it was held to celebrate the first trains going into commercial service . To date, 182 Régiolis trains have been ordered by 12 French Regions and these will be operated and maintained by the SNCF. These orders represent a major investment for the French Regions, which are financing in full the purchase of these trains, to a total of € 1.4 billion. Frédéric Cuvillier, the French Minister for Transport, Alain Rousset, President of the ARF and President of the Aquitaine region, Jacques Auxiette, President of the Pays de la Loire region and VP Transport for the ARF , Guillaume Pepy, President of SNCF and Henri Poupart-Lafarge, President of Alstom Transport, were involved in this event, which was also attended by other French Regions which have ordered Régiolis trains.

On behalf of the French Regions, SNCF has supported the entire process leading to the introduction of Régiolis trains - collecting requirements from the French Regions and from each market, formalising invitations to tender and providing project management alongside each of the regions right up until the trains have entered into commercial service. It was a well-structured and well-organised process, enabling reliable rolling stock fulfilling French safety standards to enter into service. Régiolis has been designed to offer passengers a high level of comfort and services to provide a high-quality public service.

Régiolis trains will gradually be added to the stock of regional (TER) trains, most of which are already brand new or have been modernised at the instigation of the French Regions, which have already invested more than €9 billion in renovating their fleets of regional trains. These new TER regional trains will help to support the development of everyday mobility for the benefit of everyone - SNCF, the French Regions and users of the rail network.

A true symbol of French industrial excellence, Régiolis supports the commitment of the French Regions towards promoting territorial mobility, as well as helping SNCF to boost TER regional transport for communities and providing further proof of Alstom's technological excellence.