Alliance for American Competitiveness (AFAC)

DC: Alliance for American Competitiveness Responds to the Grow America Act

The Alliance for American Competitiveness (AFAC) on April 29 released the following statement regarding the administration’s unveiling of the Grow America Act, a proposal to update America’s infrastructure.

“A safe, efficient infrastructure is critical to the ability of U.S. based companies to be competitive in the global marketplace. It can be the difference between seizing opportunities for growth or being forced to watch them go by. Policymakers are right to emphasis this point as they begin the process of reauthorizing the current surface transportation authorization bill. The proposal put forward by the Administration today represents an important step in getting that process moving and a chance for bipartisan action on a matter of importance to all Americans.  The emphasis on improving the movement of freight is especially welcome. We look forward to helping the Administration and Congress pass a multiyear surface transportation bill that keeps America competitive.”