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TX: CHK America Designs New Interactive Visioning Map for High-Capacity Transit System Being Developed by Central Texas

CHK America CEO, Rick Wood announced April 29 that they are part of the Project Connect team that is working to solve Central Texas’ traffic problems.

CHK America designed an interactive visioning map that is currently assisting stakeholders in understanding the new High-Capacity Transit System currently being considered for the areas in and around Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

CHK America utilized their expertise in customer information solutions for the public transportation industry to create a new, interactive vision map. The map allows users to click on buttons representing regional commuter rail, bus rapid transit, urban rail, and transit express Lanes, to immediately see how each highlighted system interrelates with the others. This interactive map retains the simplicity of CHK’s diagrammatic maps while including more geographic detail including streets and destinations and provides the added benefit of creating interaction between the map and the users. 

“CHK was pleased to be able to lend our design expertise to this important project for Central Texas,” stated Wood. “We strongly believe that providing an easy-to-use, highly interactive visual during the planning phase of such a significant change to transit in this area will facilitate decision making and community support.”

As per the Project Connect website, “Project Connect is the vision for Central Texas’ highcapacity transit system. Linking activity centers within the fastest growing region in the country, Project Connect aims to connect people, places and opportunities in an easy, efficient way.”