ABQ Ride

NM: Sign up for ABQ Ride’s “Clear the Air Challenge” and Celebrate Earth Day at the BioPark

For the past seven months, ABQ Ride has urged patrons to pledge to “Clear the Air” through different promotions.

In September, it attracted pledges by building a “parklet”; a green space for relaxation in the middle of a CNM parking lot. In November, it got more pledges to use alternative transportation at the Nob Hill Growers Market. Now, ABQ Ride’s final “Clear the Air” challenge of the season is Saturday, April 26, 2014 when it participates in Earth Day at the BioPark.

That’s when ABQ Ride employees will provide a free bike valet service for those people who participate in “Bike to the BioPark.” Anyone who rides their bike to either the Zoo or the Botanic Garden/Aquarium gets a discount of $2 off the price of admission. And when they valet their bikes with ABQ Ride, they’ll not only get a claim check, but can also pledge to “Clear the Air” by using public transportation.

“This pledge to use alternative transportation goes hand in hand with Earth Day’s message of conservation,” said Bruce Rizzieri, director of ABQ Ride. “We’re proud to partner with the BioPark to reach out to even more potential riders.”

Since last September, the “Clear the Air Challenge” has asked people to pledge to use public transit or alternative transportation such as carpooling. When you sign up for the “Clear the Air” Challenge at the Zoo or Aquarium/Botanic Garden, you will receive an ABQ Ride One Day bus pass and a reusable tote bag, while supplies last. You will also be eligible for four, hourly drawings to win a 30 Day ABQ Ride Gold bus pass and gift bag.

People who want to sign up for the “Clear the Air Challenge” at the Zoo or Botanic Garden/Aquarium can do so at the bike valet stations from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.   The bike valet itself will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

The “Bike to the BioPark” is ABQ Ride’s final “Clear the Air Challenge” event of the season.  However, more “Clear the Air” events are planned for later in the year.