Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART)

FL: HART Leads the Way to Environmental Sustainability

HART is building sustainability into its strategy with a commitment to making its operations as resource efficient as possible.

That's why HART is a proud and dedicated participant in the Federal Transportation Administration's Environmental & Sustainability Management System program (ESMS).

The ESMS consists of a rigorous set of management processes and procedures that will help HART analyze, control and minimize the environmental impact of its activities and services and operate with greater efficiency. This month HART will officially launch the ESMS program, during the April 24, ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new HART Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station.

Potential benefits from ESMS program include:

  • Protection of natural environment
  • Enhancement of health and safety within the workplace
  • Reduction of overall operating costs      

Sustainability program

The ESMS program demonstrates the agency's long-standing commitment to environmental responsibility:

Fuels, Vehicles and Emissions

  • Reducing vehicle carbon emissions by 4,285 metric tons by the end of FY2018 by transitioning from diesel fuel to cleaner-burning Compressed Natural Gas.     

Energy and Water Conservation    

  • HART is analyzing the past five years of electrical and water usage data to identify utility efficiency opportunities and develop consumption and expense goals.
  • An energy audit of the HART 21st Avenue Operations facility was performed by TECO; the remaining major HART facilities will be scheduled over the next several months.
  • Water conservation opportunities have been discussed, which include the installation of more efficient bus washing equipment, sustainable landscape management, and the appropriate use of reclaimed water.  

Education and Awareness

  • Developed specific branding for ESMS program.
  • Staff and community educational outreach.
  • Utilization of quantifiable and measurable objectives and targets to monitor the reduction of the agency's carbon footprint.

As HART delivers needed transit projects and services, we're also doing our part for the environment. It's good business and good stewardship. An early achievement was Silver LEED certification for the renovated 21st Avenue Operations facility, and thanks to these ESMS measures, HART will also be eligible for the city of Tampa Utility rebate program.