Getting America to Work (GATW)

DC: Virginia Railway Express Joins National Coalition for Increased Federal Investment in Transit

Virginia Railway Express (VRE) has joined Getting America to Work.

VRE’s addition increases coalition membership to 90 transit agencies across 17 states – all working toward the goal of bringing transit systems into a state of good repair.

“VRE is pleased to join with many other leading systems across the country in support of necessary federal funding for our crucial transit infrastructure needs,” said Doug Allen, CEO of Virginia Railway Express. “America relies on safe and efficient transit to get millions of workers to and from their jobs. Congress must focus on the need to provide adequate and sustainable funding to ensure our transit systems achieve and remain in a state of good repair.”

“The Virginia Railway Express is an important and well-respected system in the Greater Washington region,” said Leanne Redden, acting executive director of the Regional Transportation Authority in Chicago and GATW Advisory Board member. 

"VRE’s mission is to provide safe, cost effective, accessible, reliable, convenient and comfortable commuter-oriented rail passenger service,” Allen said. “VRE will contribute to the economic development of its member jurisdictions as an integral part of a balanced, intermodal regional transportation system. The goals of GATW and VRE align perfectly.”

Getting America to Work launched in March 2013 with 49 members – including transit agencies, councils of government, environmental groups, labor and business organizations – all dedicated to finding innovative and sustainable solutions to funding America’s transit infrastructure and address the $78 billion spending backlog needed to bring the country’s transit systems into a state of good repair. 

“Getting America to Work looks forward to working with VRE to advocate for transit investment in their region and across the country,” Redden said. “GATW’s rapidly growing membership base is an indicator of the dire situation facing agencies and riders everywhere.”

The coalition is active in the districts of its respective transit agencies and in Washington, D.C., to highlight the importance of transit investment. GATW works alongside the first-ever Congressional Public Transportation Caucus to educate members of Congress about the economic and community benefits that result from transit spending.