Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS)

NC: CATS Announces Top Rail Operators and Technicians

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is excited to announce the winners of its Lynx Light Rail Rodeo. Light rail operators and technicians had a chance to demonstrate first-hand the skills they use to keep the LYNX Blue Line running safely and on time.

The Rodeo took place on April 12 at the South Boulevard Light Rail Facility.

The first place winner in the light rail operator competition was Kevin Hooks. Second place went to Metro Coston. The light rail operators were judged on a written test, professional appearance, pre-trip inspection, measured stops and operating procedures out on the rail line.
Top honors in the rail maintenance competition went to Eugene Capote, who was on the CATS winning team at the 2013 International Rail Rodeo. Second and third place winners were Anthony Caltabiano and John Fletcher. Rail technicians underwent a written test, tool identification, defective components search, circuit troubleshooting, proper fastening of nuts and bolts, measuring of rail wheels and knowledge of mechanical properties and formulas.

This year’s top light rail operators and technicians will represent CATS at the International Rail Rodeo in Montreal, Canada this June.