Nice Systems Provides Denver RTD with Mobile Video Recording and Investigation Solution for Bus Fleet

Nice Systems announced it is providing the Denver Regional Transportation District with an innovative mobile video recording and investigation solution for its new bus fleet. The mobile solution, which leverages the NiceVision IP video management software and Nice Inform, will significantly enhance RTD’s investigative efficiency by automatically offloading these video recordings and integrating them with various other video and audio sources to create a unified event timeline.

RTD already uses multiple solutions from Nice to capture its transit police and bus radio communications and to record fixed video at various bus and light rail stations. With its deployment of the new Nice solution, RTD will now extend its use of Nice IP video management into a mobile environment.

“We’ve used NiceVision for well over a decade to help secure our park-n-ride facilities as well as our light rail and bus transfer stations,” said Bob Grado, RTD transit police commander and manager of Integrated Security Operations for RTD. “Nice has developed a solution that will now enable us to leverage the proven NiceVision IP video software on our buses while adding new capabilities to help us streamline thousands of annual investigations. I’m confident this solution is going to significantly improve our investigative capabilities and efficiency.”

The solution enables automatic and immediate secure download of video recorded on any RTD bus upon arrival at a bus depot. This is a significant improvement over RTD’s previous process which involved manually retrieving video from hard disks or DVRs. Requested video is also automatically uploaded into a case management file in Nice Inform where it can be combined with voice recordings and video from fixed surveillance video cameras to create a seamless incident timeline. Reports can be appended as well. Among the solution’s benefits are: significantly improved efficiency, collaboration, video quality, and data security; and the ability to combine multiple sources of video/audio for more thorough investigations.

“We are pleased to help RTD meet its security needs with an innovative video recording and investigation solution. This reinforces the success of our past implementations and strengthens our ongoing relationship with RTD,” said Yaron Tchwella, president of the Nice Security Group. “This new initiative also illustrates the types of benefits that mass transportation agencies can achieve by deploying the Nice integrated security solutions portfolio across their transit systems.”

In the initial phase of deployment, RTD is equipping 52 buses with the Nice software solution. The Nice software will run on Panasonic Corp. of North America’s Transit Solutions hardware consisting of specialty cameras and a mobile recording platform specially designed to withstand the vibration and weather extremes of the transit environment. Rail Services Corp. is the integrator on the project.

Nice’s security solutions help organizations capture, analyze and leverage big data to anticipate, manage and mitigate security and safety risks, improve operations, and make the world a safer place. The Nice security, intelligence and cyber offerings provide valuable insights that enable enterprises and governments to take the best action at the right time by correlating structured and unstructured data from multiple sensors and channels, detecting irregular patterns, and recognizing trends. Nice Security solutions are used by thousands of customers worldwide, including transportation systems, critical infrastructure, city centers, banks, enterprises and government agencies.