IL: Major Track Project to Impact Metra’s BNSF Line Service

As part of Metra and BNSF Railway’s efforts to maintain and improve the quality of service, a major tie replacement and track resurfacing project will be getting underway during the last two weeks of April on Metra’s BNSF Line to Aurora, Ill.

Construction schedules will go into effect on the line on Monday, April 14 and continue through May 2. Due to the nature of the project, some midday and evening trains are expected to experience delays with minimal impact to rush hour trains. Riders are, therefore, encouraged to review the construction schedule.

“The BNSF Line carries more riders than any other Metra line and is also heavily relied upon by freight traffic moving through the Chicago region,” said Metra CEO Don Orseno. “This project is a part of the regular maintenance necessary to keep our rail lines in the best condition possible. While no one enjoys passing through a construction zone, riders will ultimately enjoy the benefits of a smoother ride and reliable service.”

The project, which will include the replacement of 20,000 ties and the resurfacing of 17 miles of track, is expected to begin April 14. Work will begin near downtown Chicago and proceed west to Hinsdale. Crews will be working six days a week with most of the work occurring during the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. to minimize impact to train service.

Communities along the route should be aware that they will also be impacted by noise associated with the construction equipment as well as the need for trains passing through the construction area to sound their horns to alert the work crews. The work will also necessitate road crossing closures of varying duration. BNSF Railway is working closely with its signal department and RoadSafe to minimize crossing closure impacts.