CHK America

CA: CHK America Premiers ConnectPoint Interactive Touchscreen Transit Kiosk

CHK America is debuting its new interactive touchscreen transit kiosk, ConnectPoint at the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District’s transit center in California.

ConnectPoint is already engaging MTD’s 10,000-plus passengers passing through the transit center daily,
quickly becoming a popular rider resource within days of being installed.

CHK America chose to debut its kiosk in Santa Barbara as a way to gain valuable, local feedback. While, Santa Barbara MTD is the first agency to make ConnectPoint available to its passengers, agencies from across the nation are already expressing interest.

“ConnectPoint is the natural next step for transit agencies who already provide passengers with information via bus stop panels, system maps and their website,” stated Rick Wood, CHK America’s president and CEO. “The kiosk demonstrates that agencies are willing to keep up with technology on behalf of their customers. In fact, for those agencies looking to provide real-time bus information, our interactive kiosk is an efficient way to deliver real-time alerts.”

The interactive kiosk can be customized to provide non-transit information as well, including weather forecasts, yelp reviews for nearby businesses, news headlines and more. With the ability to display online advertisements, ConnectPoint also has the ability to be a revenue-generator for transit agencies.