Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA)

VT: CCTA Welcomes Input of Burlington City Council

CCTA appreciates the time the Burlington City Council took March 26 night to discuss and pass a resolution to encourage an end to the driver strike and is now reviewing a credible proposal offered by the Union.
CCTA agrees with the Burlington City Council. In order to reach a resolution, both parties must pursue all available paths to ending the strike impacting so many CCTA passengers and our communities.

With the ultimate objective of restoring service as quickly as possible, CCTA remains open to all available options.

Through past mediation sessions, CCTA and the Union have come to tentative agreement on 7 of 11 articles. It is CCTA’s hope that the Union’s new compromise proposal will move the discussion forward on the remaining 4 articles – wages, work rules, security cameras and the use of part-time drivers.

A fair and respectful negotiation that arrives at a compromise on each of the four remaining issues is CCTA’s preferred course for restoring service to the communities we serve.

The Union’s most recent proposal represents a productive step toward compromise and we expect negotiations with the assistance of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service will be restored very soon.