MI: Gentex Funds Zeeland Bus Shelter for MAX Transit

Zeeland, Mich., manufacturer, Gentex Corp. has purchased a bus shelter for use by the Macatawa Area Express (MAX) Transportation Authority.

The new shelter is being erected along Route 8-Zeeland at the bus stop located on Riley Street just east of 96th Avenue near Gentex’s facilities, and should be operational this week. The project includes the installation of a cement pad with sidewalk extensions and a bus shelter.  The Zeeland shelter will serve the Family Fare shopping plaza and nearby commercial and industrial businesses.

“On behalf of the MAX Board of Directors and our passengers, I would like to extend our gratitude to Gentex for its generosity and initiative to take it upon itself to make improvements for the betterment of the community, and to the city of Zeeland for providing guidance and support throughout each phase of this project,” said MAX Executive Director Linda LeFebre. 

The MAX Transportation Authority was originally approached by Gentex early last summer, inquiring about the possibility of providing a passenger shelter in this area as part of a grounds improvement project.  Gentex observed many passengers waiting for buses through the varying seasons, and wished to provide shelter for them in inclement weather.

"This particular MAX bus stop is right in front of our Riley Street facilities and so it's heavily used by our employees and the community in general," said Bruce Los, Gentex senior vice president.  "We thought it would be nice to donate the construction of an actual bus shelter to protect users during inclement weather."

"Gentex also plans to help maintain the shelter by keeping it clean and clearing the snow in the winter," Los added.

Bus shelters are typically purchased and placed by the transit system at bus stops with heavier use.  However, the cost of the cement pad and shelter can be as high as $8,500 or more, making it cost prohibitive for the transit system to install shelters at all areas where they may be needed.  Only two of MAX’s current 15 shelters were privately funded, and those are located at Holland Hospital and Walmart.