ABQ Ride

NM: ABQ Ride to Honor Transit Employees

Because You Rock, We Roll.  It’s a sentiment ABQ Ride plans to communicate to its drivers, servicers, mechanics and maintenance workers on Wednesday, March 19 and Thursday, March. 20.

On those days, ABQ Ride workers will be served coffee and doughnuts by Transit managers. They’ll be out as early as 4 a.m. at Transit’s Yale and Daytona facilities to serve employees on the morning shifts. The afternoon shifts at both facilities will also be served coffee and doughnuts on both days.

“We’re proud of the job our drivers, servicers mechanics and maintenance staff do in keeping us rolling every day,” said Bruce Rizzieri, director of ABQ Ride. “They’re multitaskers who take on a very complex job every day, yet manage to make it look so simple. For that, we’re grateful.”

The dates are significant because unofficially, March 18 has been designated as Bus Driver Appreciation Day across the United States.  It’s supposed to honor the day bus service is believed to have debuted-in Paris in 1662. ABQ Ride has rescheduled its appreciation over two days so that both morning and evening shifts are included.

On March 18 and through the rest of the week, passengers are also encouraged as they board or leave a bus to thank ABQ Ride drivers, and by way of association- servicers, mechanics and maintenance workers for the job they do.