BYD Motors Inc.

China: CSA Group Certifies BYD Company Ltd.

In a ceremony held at the global headquarters of BYD Co. Ltd., The CSA Group awarded their first ever North America Certification for an Energy Storage System.

“We congratulate BYD on achieving this certification, and we look forward to continuing to work with them and provide expanded services in renewable energy and electric vehicle sectors,” said Ash Sahi, president and CEO of CSA Group. “Our global testing and certification services provide Chinese manufacturers with a comprehensive range of offerings to help them gain entry to global markets.”

The CSA Group issued a Certificate of Compliance for BYD’s bi-directional power converter system, and a Certificate of Qualification under the CSA Group Witness Manufactures Testing for Certification (WMTC) program at its Shenzhen testing facility, and also conducted a Special Inspection of BYD’s Energy Storage System.

“By working in close co-operation with CSA Group we have achieved significant progress with our Energy Storage System receiving CSA Group’s first global certification. This is a result of our partnership with CSA Group as well as the diligence and innovation of our employees,” said Luo Hongbin, vice president of BYD Co. Ltd. Today’s announcement broadens that relationship; the CSA Group will provide additional testing and certification services to BYD across the solar energy, storage system and electric vehicle sectors.

BYD is committed to promoting new energy solutions worldwide. Receiving certification from CSA Group means that BYD’s Energy Storage System meets global standards in technology, quality and safety. As China is a key market in CSA Group’s global business, the organization will continue to leverage its extensive expertise and knowledge of North American and international energy standards, testing and certification services to help Chinese customers gain access to global markets.