Sun Metro

TX: Sun Metro Introduces 22 New Buses

Sun Metro announced the arrival of 22 new 2014 New Flyer Xcelsior model buses. These 40-foot vehicles will join the Sun Metro regular route service over the next several weeks.

The 2014 New Flyer has amenities to include low floors, electric air conditioning system, disc brakes which provide a smoother and more efficient braking system, better fuel economy, orange seat belts for the coach operators, 38 passenger seats, LED interior lighting, a more aerodynamic body and — like all Sun Metro buses — they are fueled by compressed natural gas, have room for two wheelchairs and two exterior bicycle racks.

Another new addition is the rear-facing wheelchair-securement option. This is a new option for passengers using mobility devices. The new securement option — a first for Sun Metro — will allow for faster boarding by passengers using mobility devices without compromising the safety of the passengers. Riders using mobility devices will still have the option to use the standard forward-facing wheelchair-securement option.

The 22 new buses will replace the 1991-model buses that will be retired from Sun Metro service. The majority of 1991-model buses, which have been driven over one million miles, will be stripped of all electronics and other usable material and auctioned off for scrap. Sun Metro will keep a few 1991-model buses for a contingency fleet and training purposes.

The new buses were purchased using a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant and local funds. Each bus cost approximately $525,000. Buses funded by the FTA are required to be in service for 12 years and/or 500,000 miles before they are eligible for replacement.