Diablo Controls, Inc.

IL: Diablo Controls, Inc. introduces our new DSP-13 Series Mag Presence Detection System

The DSP-13 Series Mag Presence Detection System is comprised of the DSP-13M and the DSP-13S. 

The DSP-13M is located in the control cabinet and the DSP-13S is placed in a single 1/4 saw cut and positioned in the middle of your detection area.  The detection area ranges from 3' x 3' to 15' x 15' depending upon the DSP-13M sensitivity settings found on the front panel.  The DSP-13S durable epoxy encapsulation allows it to be buried in the roadbed and sealed.  To protect the sensor, it is recommended that the sensor be placed 1.5 to 2.0 inches minimum below the driving surface. This will leave a protective space above the sensor for the loop sealant. When placing the sensor, please keep in mind that the orientation of the sensor is not critical as it will detect a vehicle from any direction.  The size of the DSP-13S is ¼” by ¾” by 1 ½”. 

A consideration is always cost.  The DSP-13 Series saves installation time, as it only requires a single cut from the edge of the roadway to the center of your detection area.  The life of the roadway should increase as you can position the saw cut to be down the middle of the lane, which would be out of the tire runs. 

The technology used in the DSP-13 Series incorporates 3-Dimensional processing and a patented pending communication technique over a pair of wires.