Russia: Moscow Metro Chooses Radwin to Deliver Wi-Fi to Millions of Passengers

Radwin announced March 5 that the Moscow metro has deployed Radwin’s FiberinMotion train-to-track wireless broadband solution.

FiberinMotion enables Moscow metro to deliver high-speed 90 Mbps WiFi and paid advertising content to passengers onboard its trains. The Moscow metro consists of 12 lines and 180 stations and runs a total length of 300 km/200 miles, transporting approximately 7 million people each day.

“We are proud that the Moscow Metro is deploying Radwin’s FiberinMotion train-to-track solution across its lines,” stated Sharon Sher, Radwin president and CEO. “To date, Radwin’s FiberinMotion solution is operational in over 80 trains in the Moscow metro and supports daily traffic of upwards of 1 terabyte per line. FiberinMotion’s performance is unmatched by any other technology - 3G, LTE or WiFi -while its implementation is straightforward and simple.”

Radwin’s FiberinMotion solution provides wireless broadband connectivity to trains and metros with net guaranteed throughput of up to 100 Mbps. The solution enables transit authorities to run multiple applications including high-speed Internet access, real-time CCTV transmission, passenger information systems (PIS) and communications-based train control (CTBC).

Metro systems are some of the harshest environments for wireless system transmission, with lines overlapping and irregular signal propagation caused by the narrow twisting tunnels. FiberinMotion incorporates Radwin’s air-interface and technologies to overcome connectivity challenges in the metro tunnels. Complying with strict railway standards, FiberinMotion delivers a combination of high capacity, coverage and reliability for trains and metros.