FL: QRT-360 Meets Increased WC18 Safety Standards Years Ahead of Compliance Date

Well in advance of the December 2015 compliance date, Q’Straint remains ahead of the curve in the development and launch of new products that meet increased WC18 safety standards.

The global leader in developing wheelchair passenger securement systems unveils to the school bus industry, the new QRT-360, a revolutionary wheelchair retractor tie-down system on display at booth #415 during the 2014 Transporting Students with Disabilities Conference (TSD) from Feb. 28 through March 5.

The new QRT-360 is the first retractor to meet the Rehabilitation Engineering Assistive Technology Society of North America’s (RESNA) higher-strength requirements of WC18 standards. Beginning in December 2015, compliance with WC18 standards will require wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint systems (WTORS) to be stronger and capable of withstanding loads up to 60 percent higher.

QRT-360 is the first 4-point, heavy-duty, fully automatic retractable tie-down system designed, engineered and built to perform successfully in a 30-mph frontal crash with a crash test wheelchair featuring an integrated lap belt, such as with the popular WC19 chairs.  QRT-360 is part of the QRT-3 Series and is compatible with most vehicles and chairs for the following transportation applications: personal mobility, para-transit, school/pupil transportation, transit, motor coach, rail and taxi.

The QRT-360 design utilizes innovative energy management designs and material technologies to withstand maximum load capacity.  It features an energy-absorbing steel frame, new high-strength 58-mm wide webbing, and a fine-adjustment, self-tensioning mechanism using 25 high-strength teeth in the retractor locking mechanism. The geometry of the teeth and an innovative new locking bar ensure perpendicular alignment for maximum strength in all tie-down situations. A re-engineered positive-locking interface in the retractor mechanism contributes to the system’s ability to resist extremely high dynamic loads. The QRT-360 is covered by a comprehensive three-year warranty.

“In light of the VA’s decision to specify the use of only WC19 wheelchairs, wheelchair OEMs are focusing on these types of chairs for use with their products. As WC19 wheelchairs become increasingly more popular, the need for compatible wheelchair tie-downs becomes more critical,” said Bob Joseph, Q’Straint vice president of business development. “Our products are designed, engineered and built for today’s wheelchairs and tomorrow’s standards.”