IN: IndyGo Unveils Downtown Transit Center, Kicks Off Public Involvement Campaign at the Hall

In coordination with the mayor's state of the city address Feb. 27, IndyGo unveiled designs for the downtown transit center.

Set to open in late 2015, the transit center will serve as a hub for passengers using the local bus system. Located at 201 E. Washington St., the site is currently a surface parking lot that is owned by the city of Indianapolis. Under its new use as the IndyGo passenger station, the 1.9 acre lot will be outfitted with a sleek 14,000 square foot, two story building, 19 bus bays to protect waiting passengers from the elements, top-notch amenities ranging from public Wi-Fi to real-time bus arrival information and environmentally conscience design elements like rain gardens and solar power.

To introduce the public to the project and engage current and future passengers in the decision-making process, IndyGo has installed a public exhibit at the Hall (Old City Hall), located at 202. N. Alabama St.  The City's Department of Metropolitan Development is announcing today the reuse of this historic facility as a place for the public to access city planning efforts. IndyGo officials will be at the Hall today from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. to celebrate the launch of the public campaign.

"The Hall presents a great opportunity for Indianapolis residents to get involved in City-supported projects like the Downtown Transit Center," said Michael Terry, president and CEO of IndyGo. "These new gallery spaces at the Hall opened up at a perfect time for IndyGo to use the space."