Via Metropolitan Transit

TX: Via Selects New Officers

The Board of Trustees for VIA Metropolitan Transit elected new officers at their Feb. 25 meeting, and they selected Alex Briseño to lead the agency’s governing body.

Briseño is perhaps best known for his tenure as San Antonio city manager, where he handled the day-to-day activities of all the city’s departments for almost 11 years. Since his retirement from the city of San Antonio, Briseño has served as the interim leader of the San Antonio Water System, the Brooks Development Authority, and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Briseño is currently professor of public service in residence at St. Mary’s University where he teaches courses in public administration and policy and the management of public budgets.

In addition to choosing Briseño for the position of chair, the VIA Board also elected local attorney Doug Poneck to be the vice chair and businessman Lou Miller for the secretary position. Poneck and Miller are both appointees of the city of San Antonio.