City of Edmonton

AB: Edmonton Expands Campaign to Build Support for LRT Funding

The city of Edmonton has launched the second part of a campaign to build support for the extension of the city’s light rail transit network. Part one of the campaign called on Edmontonians to voice their support for the LRT through social media.

"The first social media wave of our advocacy campaign was a great start, but we're ready to broaden the conversation," said Mayor Don Iveson. "We need to add more voices from every corner of the city to demonstrate why LRT expansion matters to Edmontonians of every age. Sharing your support is the best thing you can do to help our city."

The second part of the campaign includes a new video featuring Iveson and Edmontonians talking about the need to expand the city’s LRT network as soon as possible. It includes ads and a website where people can share their views on LRT expansion.

The city is also encouraging Edmontonians to create their own videos highlighting the importance of LRT expansion. Videos can be submitted through social media channels such as Vine, YouTube and Instagram. They should include the hashtag #yeg4LRT.

During the first five days of the campaign, more than 1,000 people tweeted the hashtag #yeg4LRT. A video released on Feb. 20 was viewed more than 3,000 times on YouTube and reached more than 7,000 users on Facebook.

Edmontonians are encouraged to continue tweeting their support for LRT expansion using the hashtag #yeg4LRT.