US High Speed Rail Association

DC: High-Speed Rail Summit Starts Feb. 25

The U.S. High-Speed Rail Association (USHSR) is pleased to announce U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx will headline the upcoming High Speed Rail Summit in Washington, D.C. starting Feb. 25. 

Joining Secretary Foxx are 12 Members of Congress, Federal Railroad Administration Deputy, and other leaders.  This three-day rail conference brings together the nation's top government officials and many of the world's leading experts to discuss the roll out of high speed rail across America.

"We are very proud to have Secretary Foxx headline our conference," said Andy Kunz, USHSR president and CEO. "Secretary Foxx's experience at the local level as mayor of Charlotte is extremely valuable for shaping national transportation policy. We look forward to working with the Secretary to advance high speed rail in America across party lines," added Kunz.

Rod Diridon, chairman of the USHSR Advisory Board stated "Transportation Secretary Foxx is a seasoned, no-nonsense leader who's record of support for sustainable transportation, including high speed rail, has been well earned by his policies as the mayor of Charlotte and his staunch support for the president. He also has the confidence of the US Conference of Mayors, a powerful, bi-partisan element of our national advocacy community supporting infrastructure investments."

As U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Foxx leads an agency with more than 55,000 employees and a $70 billion budget that oversees air, maritime, and surface transportation. His primary goal is to ensure that America maintains the safest, most efficient transportation system in the world.

Joining Secretary Foxx at the High Speed Rail Summit are 12 members of Congress, Federal Railroad Administration officials, international high speed rail experts, private rail operators, financial and investment professionals, engineers, construction leaders, real estate development professionals and national transportation advisors.