UITP - International Association of Public Transport

Belgium: IT-Trans: Transforming Public Transport Into a 'One-Click' Mobility Solution

Public transport must harness the tech revolution in order to stay competitive in the rapidly changing urban mobility landscape: such was the overriding message from the 2014 IT-Trans International Conference and Exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The event’s 3,671 visitors from 50 countries and conference delegates shared the view that public transport must firmly embrace the tech revolution to become a more attractive, user-friendly mobility choice.

Following the example of online retailers and even the automotive industry, the vast array of technological solutions and innovations on display at IT-Trans were a testament to the efforts being made to transform public transport into a ‘one-click’ mobility solution.  

Today’s smart travellers, used to user-friendly online platforms, have increasingly greater expectations about public transport, wanting more convenient and seamless travel solutions, with easy and immediate access to ticketing, payment and  information at every step of the journey.  

“Public transport needs to follow the same path as online retailers and the automotive industry in innovation for its customers but also to increase efficiency through better quality services,” explained UITP Secretary General, Alain Flausch. “Public transport has a major role in building the smart communities we all aspire to and needs to harness these technological tools for its long-term sustainability and competitiveness.”