Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (YCIPTA)

AZ: Yuma County Area Transit Receives Grant Funds to Start Lifeline Transit Pass Program for Low Income Residents

The Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (YCIPTA) received funding from the Yuma Community Foundation in the amount of $4,250 and from the San Luis Community Fund, $750 to start a new lifeline transit pass program.  

It is envisioned that those who may need access to social services would be able to obtain a discounted 31-Day YCATPass at the rate of $30.00 instead of paying $60.00.  For those who are students (ages 5 through 18), seniors (age 65 and older), persons with disabilities and Medicare card holders would be able to obtain the lifeline 31-Day YCATPass for $15 instead of $30.

These passes would be issued potentially by YCIPTA directly or in partnership with the Western Arizona Council of Governments as they provide assistance through their helpline for those that are low income already.  The guidelines that would be followed for determining eligibility would be the Federal standard for poverty established by the United States Health and Human Services.

In addition, a limited amount of 1-Day YCATPass will be available to non-profit organizations that provide assistance to low income residents upon filling out a request for donation form.

YCIPTA will be matching the funds provided by the Yuma Community Foundation and the San Luis Community Fund to provide this lifeline transit pass program in the amount of $9,900.

Should the YCIPTA Board of Directors approve the implementation of this program and the acceptance of these grant funds, the program is anticipated to begin April 1, and would continue until the funds run out.    YCIPTA hopes to apply for other funding sources to keep this program going on an ongoing basis.

"YCAT is a part of the community and for those that need transportation, but cannot afford it, now will be able to get to social services, jobs, schools and other quality of life destinations" said John Andoh, transit director.  "This program was created because we have had caseworkers from Crossroads Mission and WACOG call asking for free or discounted bus passes for low income residents that could not afford the regular bus fare" added Andoh.