Astrophysics Inc.

Astrophysics Adds Layer of Security to Sochi Olympics

Astrophysics Inc. announced the installation of its unique 6 Color Imaging X-Ray systems to help secure the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Selected for its detection capabilities and throughput speed, Astrophysics systems will screen incoming passengers and drivers on buses and in cabs. 

“Venues like the Olympics are difficult to secure, requiring layers of protection that can screen both quickly and accurately, offering attendees and participants the highest possible level of security with minimal inconvenience,” said François Zayek, chief executive officer of Astrophysics Inc. “Our technology effectively detects both sophisticated threats and homemade threats like those used at the Boston Marathon and we are honored to be part of the Sochi Olympics.”

Astrophysics’ 6 Color Imaging will enable security threats to be more easily identified by operators while speeding throughput and reducing the need for secondary searches.

The company’s X-ray systems in use at the Olympics include the following:

  • XIS-5878 – used for larger parcels and cargo
  • XIS-5335 system – for parcels, purses and backpack
  • XIS-6040 system – for small parcels, ideal for checkpoints