Ozark Regional Transit (ORT)

ORT Announces a Free Transit Tracking Mobile App

Where is my bus? This is a question raised far too often, resulting in frustrated passengers and an overtaxed call center.

Ozark Regional Transit has recently activated software that will provide real-time information for our fixed-route passengers on their smartphone of choice or via the Internet.

For mobile service, Route Shout is available at app stores for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPhone 3GS, the mobile Web, and is free. For PC service, a Web portal is available with graphic detail of all bus locations. 

Links for both are now available on ORT’s website: www.ozark.org

Passengers can use these technologies to find nearby bus stops, view bus locations — in real time — and receive up-to-the-minute, estimated times for their bus’s arrival to the mapped bus stop of interest.

ORT estimates these added conveniences will aid both current and new riders, boosting ridership going forward, and will lower the number and frequency of phone inquiries to the call center.

These new features are expected to greatly reduce the potential for confusion related to the multiple new and revised bus routes to be implemented in the next four months and in the future.