Safety Vision

Safety Vision Celebrates 21st Anniversary and Product Expansions

Safety Vision LLC celebrates its 21st anniversary as a trusted and provider of high-definition, IP and analog recording systems, rear-vision cameras and monitors, driver behavior management, driver distraction, and fleet management systems. The longevity in the transportation security industry has allowed Safety Vision to provide mobile video solutions to a wide breadth of fleets including mass transit, pupil transportation, law enforcement and private fleet sectors.

With a history of successful milestones and breakthrough products, Safety Vision was recently issued US Patent No. 8,588,041 B1, for the technology behind SafeStor, the method of storing digital data in a moving vehicle, ensuring large capacity onboard storage with the highest reliability redundancy recording for Safety Vision’s successful RoadRecorder product line of network video recorders for mass transit and pupil transportation. The RoadRecorder series offers high-definition recording and utilizes both hard disk drive and solid-state recording to create redundant data storage; the product line accommodates audio and video for six or 12 cameras (IP and analog) and provides wireless download of data, real-time live look-in, system health status, GPS, and metadata.

Safety Vision remains a reliable on-board security provider that is known for high-quality deliverables and timely support. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, only one-quarter of start-ups stay in business 15 years or more. “Safety Vision is growing everyday from the global deployment of our diversified set of next-generation solutions. With only a fraction of start-up companies surviving each year, we well surpassed the odds stacked up against us, and it’s worth celebrating. Leading the on-board security sector for 21 years, we are approaching one billion dollars in sales since inception; this has made for an incredible milestone,” says Bruce Smith, Safety Vision founder and CEO.

In addition to advanced technology, Safety Vision’s customer service, field installation, and internal research and development teams are among the many facets that set Safety Vision apart from other mobile video providers. The long-time veteran offers an array of customized solutions for unpredictable environments that reduce liability, streamline growth, and simplify fleet management. Safety Vision is a member of the Inc 500 and a winner of the Blue Chip Enterprise award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.