Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA)

VT: CCTA Drivers Fail to Ratify Contract Proposal

CCTA was notified Feb. 9 by the business agent of its drivers’ Union, the Teamsters Local No. 597, regarding the drivers’ response to the two settlement offers proposed by CCTA on Jan. 29. CCTA was informed that the drivers’ did not vote on one proposal and voted down CCTA’s Alternate Proposal.

The Alternate Proposal offered by CCTA was similar to the recommendation made by an independent Factfinder in early January. CCTA’s Alternate Proposal was made after consideration of issues presented by Union representatives in an effort to be responsive to the Union’s perspective.

While CCTA is disappointed the Union did not ratify either proposal, CCTA remains committed to reaching an agreement with its drivers. Bill Watterson, CCTA General Manager, states “CCTA had hoped that, because our Alternate Proposal included consideration of issues recently presented by the Union, the proposal would be ratified by our drivers. However, CCTA is open to further negotiations and hopes to reach agreement soon.”

CCTA and the Union have been engaged in negotiations mediated by a professional from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS). The mediator’s role in the negotiations is to help the two parties reach an agreement. While no additional negotiation sessions have been scheduled, CCTA is ready and willing to continue negotiations in order to reach a settlement.